De-magnetizer, Accessories & Consumables
  Demagnetizers ::
In the process of crack detection, all jobs are subjected to either circular, longitudinal or combined mode magnetization. The residual field in most cases is undesirable and is required to be eliminated or reduced to acceptable level.

The demagnetiser comprises of a coil through which AC at mains frequency is passed. The job to be demagnetised is pulled out of the coil along its longitudinal axis and stored at a distance beyond 1 mtr from the coil.

  Consumables ::
Magnetic Powders and Pastes
 - Dry – Flourescent, Daylight
 - Wet - Oil Based – Flourescent, Daylight
-  Wet - Water Based – Flourescent, Daylight
Copper Mesh Pads
  Accessories ::
ASTM Test Piece / Pie Gauges
Fabricated as per American Standard Specification ASTM-A275-74 and ASME-SA-275, the specimen provides reliable indication of     adequacy of magnetic field strength at the point of application. It also provides reliable indication on the quality of magnetic bath and intensity of black light. The Specimen can be used for setting optimum parameters for current and flux for purpose of crack detection. It can be utilized to assess the overall performance of the magnetic particle set up
Residual Field Indicators
The Indicator is used for checking the residual field after de-magnetization. The dial has markings from -10 - 0 - +10 gauss. On touching the meter to the end of the component, the needle indicates residual magnetic field in gauss.
Glass Centrifuge Tubes
The pear shaped conical tube is used for checking strength of magnetic bath.
B.H.E.L. Test Block
Fabricated as per BHEL standard the block provides a simple and practical method for checking the overall performance of a half wave DC (HWDC) equipment for detection of sub-surface crack up to a depth of 6 mm by the prod method.
Rubber Blowers
Cable Prod Contact Block Assemblies
Black Light Intensity Meters
QQI Shims
Black Light Lamps Assemblies
M.I.U. Test Blocks